Firstly, its launch in 2014, the brand Xprite, the best LED Whip Light for jeeps is now a leader in accessories. So, Xprite offers a broad range of Whip lights for Polaris and 4 x 4 to make your vehicles more attractive and exciting. This Whip light undergoes the Quality control test to bring the cost and style together.

  • Bluetooth control with an app
  • Pre-selected colour palettes 
  • Several patterns to choose from
  • Include a 360-degree hub bracket
  • Includes Rocker switch
whip light
whip light

Secondly, by Bluetooth and Remote control, this Whip Light you can control and It’s a wireless RGB Whip Light. So the Whip Light can set almost any colour that anyone can imagine. By default, this best LED Whip Light for jeeps has fantastic colour patterns that flash the crowd. Undoubtedly, Its flexible and waterproof tubing quality, makes it very stable and durable. According to its design, it withstands extreme road conditions. You can’t go wrong!

Moreover, this Whip light has a dual control method and quick-connect Bluetooth controls. Whip Light comes with more than 300 light patterns and RGB colour wheels. Because this Whip light is controlled with iOS 7 and Android 4.5 or above. So, it moves with your voice or dances with the music. There is also an IR Remote with a lanyard for secure handling. The package includes 2 x lighted Whips with base and the American Flag.

whip light
whip light


  • The installation is painless, and the operation is simple.
  • Reasonable price bracket for entry-level Whips. The app is very handy.
  • it’s advantageous in off-roading.


  •  Sometimes, it completely stops without any reason; So, after resetting, it works well.

Generally, these lights are used for off-road vehicles, such as UTVs, ATVs, 4 X 4, jeeps, etc. It’s made from a Polycarbonate material which makes it flexible and helps to withstand rough areas and increase its durability. For extreme strength, this Whip Light has strong and flexible flag polls.  It also comes with the Xprite logo flag, IR control, and the instructions, but the antenna-type mounting bracket is not included in the package.

whip light
whip light