Firstly, it is a universal fit light used for UTVs, ATVs, jeeps, etc. Being a universal fit light, this best LED Whip Light for Polaris Ranger on any vehicle this Whip Light is easily used. Mentioned Whip Light, adds more attraction and look to the vehicle, and Its brightness controls allow you to easily set the brightness according to your need.

  • 366 cool spiral-chasing patterns
  • 12 classic solid colours
  • Brightness level controls 
  • Modes control
  • Quick Connect & Release
  • 180° bendable
  • Better Battery Protection
  • One-to-one Remote Control
whip light
whip light

Secondly, If we talk over the key features of this best LED Whip Light for Polaris Ranger and RZR, the Whip Light has an excellent mounting base, which helps to connect and release it quickly. Flexible Polycarbonate makes it 180-degree bendable and helps to absorb every swear shock. It has a rocker switch for different uses; it can prevent battery drainage by connecting the Whip Light with a rocker switch.

Thirdly, A spring base is used in this Whip light, adding flexibility for more swings and giving you extra confidence at high speed, edge, and rough roads. This Whip light is made up for any weather conditions because it’s waterproof and sand proof, which makes it super durable, and its waterproof level is IP67. The operating voltage is 12V DC, and the operating temperature is -20℃ to 45℃.

whip light


  • It’s elementary to install.
  • Work great in different road conditions.
  • Super bright.


  • It can’t be used on a trailer, and you have to make the hole for installation.
  • It comes with a quick attach bolt, but you would need mounts if putting it on a roll cage or something.

Lastly, You don’t need any additional accessories. The installation of this Whip light is very easy. It comes with jump wires mounting base. You need to follow the user guide to install the Whip light. All the hardware needed to install the Whip light comes with it. The installation of the light is like a piece of cake.

whip light
whip light