NR NIRIDER led Whip light is brighter than any other best LED Whip light for RZR and comes with the illumination of 380 LEDs. These Whip lights are colour-changing and burnish the night with the choice of modes having 300 light patterns. It comes in pink, green, ‎red, orange, Transparent, and yellow. Whip Lights for off-road vehicles are of different weights. So, the weight of this Whip is ‎3.54 pounds, its position is rear, and the dimensions are 38.7 x 3.7 x 2.8 inches.

  • 20 colour options
  • 380 PCS RGB
  • 300 kinds of patterns 
  • 63 kinds of modes
  • 10-speed levels
  • Memory functions
whip light

Let’s talk about the main features of this Best LED Whip light for RZR, 4 X 4, and get down to brass tacks. It’s 180° bendable and twistable, and its quality material is ‎silicon, aluminium alloy, PVC, and nylon, making it waterproof and dustproof. It has no issues with hard breaking while travelling on tough roads, doing jumps, and crossing through the limbs of trees. The LED strips are crisp with heat shrink and silicone tubes to keep them from desquamate and vibration.

As easy as pie, the installation of this Whip light is effortless. Whip Light has everything to install, including a plug and plays setup. For the fitting, you need to skid the quick disconnect base “UP” to release; then, drill a hole to hold the LED Whip in place, connect the power wires to the switch and control the lights by Remote. This Whip light is perfect for UTVs, and ATVs.

whip light
whip light


  •  Reasonable price bracket for entry-level Whips.
  • Whip lights can be used as a warning, chasing, and signal lights.
  • It’s advantageous in off-roading.


  • Sometimes, it completely stops without any reason; after resetting, it works well.

The box has 2 pieces of 3ft Led Whip lights with an American Flag. Whip Light comes with a 7.3 ft plug-and-play harness, control box, and 1 Remote and also includes connecting or disconnecting the mounting base and quick-release flag hooks. The package Whips has adjustable grommets and hardware during installation. Its operating voltages are 12V to 24V. Step up your game.

whip light
whip light