This best LED Whip Light for Trucks is a good and reasonable product for a vehicle; it makes the vehicle prominent and beautiful. Autoommo is an excellent brand that makes products according to customer demand. This Whip Light makes the vehicle evident and contains 3.64 weight; the type of bulb used in its LED.

  • The range of Lamp Beads is from 320 pieces to 540 pieces. 
  • The Waterproof level of this Whip Light is IP67.
  • Easy Bluetooth connectivity. 
  • App control has additional features, e.g., Turn Left, Right, and Reverse.
whip light
whip light

The regular length of the best LED Whip Light for Trucks. is 3ft long when you purchase. Is 3ft length, not enough? Pull yourself together. No worries, it’s available in different lengths, ranging from 3 to 5ft. The Whip lights are enveloped in EVA clear heat shrinkable tubes and high-toughness silicone and can be bent down to 180 degrees. The EVA will protect the Whip Light from road conditions and sand, rust, dust, and rain.

Competitively this Whip light has a strong base compared to the previous version, so its shock resistance mechanism and strong base bring an extra level of durability. Using a 360-degree coiled lightning design, this Whip Light comes with more than 320 exceptional led lights. You can select different colour modes, and it’s also settable according to the tempo of the music.

whip light
whip light

Like a piece of cake, the installation of this Whip Light is effortless. You don’t have to worry because we’ll assist you. You just release the spring base of the Whip light and install it in a 12mm hole. After that, you’ve t connect the base with the Whip Light. When you’ll do work on its wiring, then during wiring, plug in the controller wiring and make the Whip Light On. After this step, you must connect it to the rocker switch and battery. Remember you may need extra wires for this job.

whip light


  • It’s elementary to install.
  • Work great in different road conditions.
  • Adjustable Speed.


  • It can’t be used on a trailer, so making the hole for installation is essential.
  • It comes with a quick attach bolt, but you would need mounts if putting it on a roll cage or something.

Fundamentally, it’s a 3ft long Whip Light, but this Whip light can be according to your need or your order because the Whip light comes with lengths from 3ft to 5ft. The Whip light mentioned above has 2 Control boxes and 1 Remote control, and it also has 2 American Flags and 2 Skull Flags. One of the main things is that it has 2 mounting bases and 2 control batteries—5*12 mm round head Phillips screws with nuts.

whip light