Best Types of LED Whip Lights for Side-by-side

Definitely, There is no doubt that the best LED Whip Light is all time a very popular choice for Side-by-side, jeeps, Trucks and other off-road Vehicles. So, the main point is how someone can choose the best pair of best LED Whip Lights for Side-by-side, and here we’ll assist you to make a decision on the basis of our user experience with these best LED Whip lights according to the features and specifications of these pairs of LED Whip Lights. Because LED WHip Lights are commonly used as lightning accessories for Side-by-side ATVs and UTVs so they consist of a flexible Whip shaft with an array of LED Lights and an American Flag.

Best LED Whip Light for Side-by-Side AUTOOMMO

Firstly, this best LED Whip Light for Trucks is a good and reasonable product for a vehicle; because it makes the vehicle prominent and beautiful. So, Autoommo LED Whip Light side-by-side is an excellent brand that makes products according to customer demand. This Whip Light makes the vehicle evident and contains 3.64 weight; the type of bulb used in its LED.

  • The range of Lamp Beads is from 320 pieces to 540 pieces. 
  • The Waterproof level of this Whip Light is IP67.
  • Easy Bluetooth connectivity. 
  • App control has additional features, e.g., Turn Left, Right, and Reverse.
whip light
whip light

The regular length of the best LED Whip Light for Trucks. is 3ft long when you purchase. Is 3ft length, not enough? Pull yourself together. No worries, it’s available in different lengths, ranging from 3 to 5ft. The Whip lights are enveloped in EVA clear heat shrinkable tubes and high-toughness silicone and can be bent down to 180 degrees. The EVA will protect the Whip Light from road conditions and sand, rust, dust, and rain.

Competitively this Whip light has a strong base compared to the previous version, so its shock resistance mechanism and strong base bring an extra level of durability. Using a 360-degree coiled lightning design, this Whip Light comes with more than 320 exceptional led lights. You can select different colour modes, and it’s also settable according to the tempo of the music.

whip light
whip light

Like a piece of cake, the installation of this Whip Light is effortless. You don’t have to worry because we’ll assist you. You just release the spring base of the Whip light and install it in a 12mm hole. After that, you’ve t connect the base with the Whip Light. When you’ll do work on its wiring, then during wiring, plug in the controller wiring and make the Whip Light On. After this step, you must connect it to the rocker switch and battery. Remember you may need extra wires for this job.

whip light


  • It’s elementary to install.
  • Work great in different road conditions.
  • Adjustable Speed.


  • It can’t be used on a trailer, so making the hole for installation is essential.
  • It comes with a quick attach bolt, but you would need mounts if putting it on a roll cage or something.

Fundamentally, it’s a 3ft long Whip Light, but this Whip light can be according to your need or your order because the Whip light comes with lengths from 3ft to 5ft. The Whip light mentioned above has 2 Control boxes and 1 Remote control, and it also has 2 American Flags and 2 Skull Flags. One of the main things is that it has 2 mounting bases and 2 control batteries—5*12 mm round head Phillips screws with nuts.

whip light


Best LED Whip Light for Side-by-Side OHMU

This one is of the best LED Whip light for Side-by-Side, 4X4, ATVs and UTVs; usually, LED Whip lights used for jeeps, side-by-side, and Polaris come with a length of 3ft. But this stunning Whip light comes with length variations and is waterproof and extraordinarily shockproof. The OHMU Whip lights are installed through the plugs, which also protect the Whip light from sand, dust, oxidation, and minus temperature. A new spring base design protects it from shocks and makes it stable.

  • Minimal gaps between the lights.
  • High brightness.
  • Tightly coiled design.
  • Select your modes.
  • More than 300 colours.
  • 480 pieces per pair.
  • Lifetime is 50,000 hours.
  • Easy connectivity. A lot of them are Plug-n-Play.
whip light for 4X4
whip light

Moreover, this best LED whip light for 4X4 has a Bluetooth connection and an app, which can be controlled with Remote control and app control for iOS and Android. The glistening Whip light provides you with more than 300 multi-colours and more than 200 patterns. The indicated Whip light also provides 170 modes, 32 brightness levels, 10-speed chasing, flash settings, and even lightning sequential effects, so It’ll not Get out of hand.

The most important thing is, in some cases, if the Remote of the Whip light gets lost, you can order another from the manufacturer for an extra Remote. Its tubing is substantially different from other standard PC tubing. It’s a soft O-ring on the upper base for buffering pressure. You don’t require an additional relay; it’s everything you need.

Remote controller of Light

The installation of this Whip Light is effortless, so you can hook up the Whip Light in any position. You must follow the installation instructions; setting the Whip Lights is not rocket science. This Whip light is comprehensive, and the Whip light can be used for UTVs and ATVs. Also, when turned on, the Whip light comes with an American Flag, which attracts others to the vehicle.

whip light
whip light


  • Whip light delight in your car.
  •  It comes with 2 Remote controls.
  • it’s advantageous in off-roading.


  • It does not change the colours rapidly but works properly after resetting settings.

The Whip light has a 5050 RGB Led type of 20 – 22 LM Lumen Led. This Whip Light has 480 pieces per pair, requiring 12V DC operating voltage and temperature -20°C to 45℃, respectively. One of the main features is its waterproofing rate which is IP67. The lifetime of this Whip Light by approximately 50,000 hours. A penny saved is a penny earned; hence this Whip Light is value for money.

whip light total kit
whip light


Best LED Whip Light for Side-by-Side Xprite

Firstly, its launch in 2014, the brand Xprite, the best LED Whip Light for Side-by-Side and jeeps is now a leader in accessories. Xprite offers a broad range of Whip lights for Polaris and 4 x 4 to make your vehicles more attractive and exciting. This Whip light undergoes the Quality control test to bring the cost and style together.

  • Bluetooth control with an app
  • Pre-selected colour palettes 
  • Several patterns to choose from
  • Include a 360-degree hub bracket
  • Includes Rocker switch
image shows whip light and its  accessories
whip light

Fortunately, by Bluetooth and Remote control, this Whip Light you can control and It’s a wireless RGB Whip Light, and Whip Light can set almost any colour that anyone can imagine. By default, this best LED Whip Light for jeeps has fantastic colour patterns that flash the crowd. Its flexible and waterproof tubing quality makes it very stable and durable and according to its design, it withstands extreme road conditions. You can’t go wrong!

Moreover, this Whip light has a dual control method and quick-connect Bluetooth controls. Because the mentioned Whip Light comes with more than 300 light patterns and RGB colour wheels. This Whip light is controlled with iOS 7 and Android 4.5 or above. It moves with your voice or dances with the music. There is also an IR Remote with a lanyard for secure handling. The package includes 2 x lighted Whips with base and the American Flag.

in this Picture four jeeps with Whip Light on rear


  • The installation is painless, and the operation is simple.
  • Reasonable price bracket for entry-level Whips. The app is very handy.
  • it’s advantageous in off-roading.


  •  Sometimes, it completely stops without any reason; after resetting, it works well.

Generally, these lights are used for off-road vehicles, such as side-by-side UTVs, ATVs, 4 X 4, jeeps, etc. It’s made from a Polycarbonate material which makes it flexible and helps to withstand rough areas and increase its durability. For extreme strength, this Whip Light has strong and flexible flag polls.  It also comes with the Xprite logo flag, IR control, and the instructions, but the antenna-type mounting bracket is not included in the package.

whip light picture, showing the features of LED Whip Light side-by-side
whip light



So far, so good, and Break a leg. The main point is that it gives you the confidence of quality assurance and these Whip lights are unique from the competitors, which gives you confidence while using this product. In the final analysis, hence we’ve concluded that, After using these best types of led whip lights for Polaris Ranger, these are good and durable products, according to the situations in which they’ll be used; having these characteristics makes them unique.